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LTI is a provider for RAW and other types of woods such as Sangwan, Burma, Teak, Ivory Coat Teak, Ghana Teak, Sudan Teak, Chaap, Sal, Miranti, Steam Beach Rubber wood for past 25 years. Offering services like seasoning of wood and chemical treatment of wood in Chandigarh, Himachal, Punjab and surrounding areas.   

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From selling RAW Wood to chemical treatment & seasoning of wood we offer variety of wood & woodworking services. 


Chemical treatment of wood is done in order to provide long-term protection against termite and fungal decay. Chemically treated wood can last for a very long time without getting spoilt by external factors.


Seasoning of wood is a term used for the process of evaporation of moisture contained in wood. Seasoning of wood is done in order to ensure that the articles made of that wood shall not change in dimensions or shape, rot, or become weak. Seasoning of wood reduces the weight of articles made of tat wood, strengthens glue joints, and improves the quality of finishing.

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